Leaf Imposter Trees have dark spots even with remapped normals

I’m moving over to learning environment building in UE5 from Unity because I think the terrain tools are overall just much better. So I’m moving over some assets I’ve built and comparing 2 ways of doing stylized trees but the leaf imposters I have in Unity look really good, but in UE5 I get all sorts of dark faces.


I’ve remapped the trees normals so they should be roughly spherical and verified in blender that they are all mapped how I would expect. The tree that looks ok lighting wise uses a different methodology which I’m working on tweaking, my guess is it has something to do with UE5 lighting and the geometry I am using for the leaf cards. Any ideas? Not used to UE5 lighting so figure there is something I’m missing here. Shader is super simple for now.

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Double check your import settings to make sure you imported your custom normals, because Unreal has a setting to compute normals upon import. Also, I would suggest going into the view mode in the top left and selecting world normal. This will allow you to see exactly what the normals are so you can debug them.

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