Leaderboard and achievements does not recognize ID on iOS platform

Leaderboard and achievements in my app work on Android.

I created a full analogue on the Game Center Apple Store Connect. I checking my app on sandbox account on the iPad. Connection to the Game Center is successful.
Caching achievements goes with the mark “true”, but none of the option achievement ID is not found. Same with the leaderboard. I tried all the ID options:


can there be a case in “not in live” as in the picture?

tell me what could be the matter?

Hi , make sure you successfully submit your app build to the App Store, that will make you leaderboard go live, when you submit your app build there should be an option to also submit your leaderboard. let me know If you have any issues. I ran into same problem. I would caution on setting up leaderboard in 5.1.1. Im having issues not being able to write to Game Center. more can be found here Unreal Engine 5.1.1 Not writing to IOS Apple Game Center Leaderboards anymore. It used to in our previous 4.27 version