Le Mélange

Hello everybody! I would like to show you guys my final assignment i had to do for school. We were tasked to create a short animated movie. I decided to make my movie in Unreal Engine 4, it was quite the challenge to achieve the look that i had in mind! But i definitely learned a lot during the process. I learned a lot about the engine and also the production pipeline. Since i was alone, i had to create everything by myself ( Rigging, Modeling, Texturing, Animation,etc) , and i learned the importance of having a good and organised workflow! All the shots that you see are directly taken from the engine in real time. I would like to thank my teachers and my friends who helped me during this project. I hope you guys like the short and thank you very much for watching it!
( If somebody does not understand the french title, in english it’s The Mixture )

Haha! That was awesome, incredible job :slight_smile:

Very nice, well done! :slight_smile:

Amazing work!
Got quite a few laughs out of me! :smiley:

Nice job! Love the lighting and the colours.

This is fantastic! Great work Kevin :smiley:

This is Amazing Work and Funny :smiley:

Hey, really nice job, It looks perfect!

Would you please share the glass material you used for the test tube? Also the one you used for the purple liquid?

Thank you

Great job! Awesome!

dude this is amazing! can you make a video showing how you:

  1. modeled your character
  2. how to set up the skeleton for the character
  3. how to change the emotion of the character in unreal engine during different parts of the movie

thank you and good job!

Really cool! I wouldn’t even know where to begin doing something like that. Nice Work!


I really like this short. Overall looks is nice and the story is quite funny. Maybe it’s missing some compositing work in After Effects etc. - forgive me… I’m VFX Generealist. I’d love to see more and more:)

Thank you, i’m glad you liked it! :smiley:

Thank you very much!

Thank you! I’m glad you laughed at it :smiley:

Thank you very much for the kind words, i’m glad you liked the lighting and the colours! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the kind words! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Thank you for the kind words! As for the things you asked, i have a video showing my character but only the topology and the blendshapes https://vimeo.com/168882288. I will make a video shortly that shows exactly how i did things! Just wait a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! I will gladly share my glass material, it’s nothing fancy but it worked really well in my scene, i will post screen shots of my material very soon.