Lazer guns

I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to create lazer guns, the likes of star wars (with the glow and such). I’m still fairly new to unreal but I’d like to create a sci fi fps, the first thing it needs is laser guns :slight_smile:

for your reference:


Similar if not akin to the lasers fired from those guns if possible :slight_smile:

Your help is greatly appreciated!


  1. you need to set up a projectile spawn system (you can find some tutorials about that on youtube)
  2. Now there are two ways to do that:

-particle -> when you download UDK (unreal engine 3) you can find a cool particle system which looks like a laser projectile. Just open it and recreate it in the UE4
-mesh -> just create a capsule mesh and a suitabel texture (e.g a line painted in photoshop or something else that looks like that). Now create a material with the texture, give it a colour and connect it with diffuse. After that add a multiply - connect it with the diffuse texture and add a constant vector to the 2nd link - connect it with emissive and choose a value for the constant vector (how shiny it will be) :slight_smile:

There’s a laser projectile in the Multiplayer Shootout Sample. You can download it for free from the Learn Tab of the launcher.