Layered Textures

I do not seem to be able to successfully import .fbx files which use Layered Textures, information about layered textures can be found here.

Specifically, this isn’t using multiple materials one a single mesh, or using multiple mesh layers with different materials applied, it is using a single material, with a diffuse channel which is connected to multiple textures. I appreciate it is possible to configure this set up different (to allow it to work in Unreal), however we have various assets which are set up with layered textures, and this is fully supported by the engine we currently use. We are evaluating Unreal at the moment and have run into this issue which is making our workflow hard.

So the real questions are:

  • Are layered textures currently supported?
  • If they are, is there something special we need to do so they work for us?
  • If they aren’t, is there any plans to add support for this feature? If so when?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Not sure if this helps.