Layered Materials with Opacity


I’m quite new to materials and I’m trying to make a layered material that blends two materials using a linear gradient. The goal is to create a material that makes objects gradually dissapear from top to bottom so as the character goes down the level the objects above him are completeley translucent (so you can see through) and the ones below him are opaque.

The Material nodes layout is:

And the Material settings are:

This material works fine if I blend two materals using “Opaque” blend mode but if I use “Translucent” I lose all the reflections from the main material.

Is there any way I can achieve this so I can make a seamless transition between two materials, one translucent and another one opaque?

Thank you.

For anyone reading this it’s currently impossible to mix different Shading Modes or Blending modes when using Layered Materials so what I tried to do it’s not possible at all.

What I ended up doing is creating an actor component with a Material Instance parameter that swaps between the object material and the translucent material depending on the target object Z so it gives the illusion that the object fades across it’s Z axis depending on the target object position.