Layered Materials - Opacity Mask

Hi everyone. I’m trying to use a opacity alpha (black and white) plugged into a MatLayerBlend_OverrideOpacityMask for a layered material. When I use the mask in a standard material, it works; however, it doesn’t seem to work in the layered material. This question has been posted before but it was never resolved.

Also, here are some images that show the two setups (one working, one non-working).

Working (basic):

Non-working (layer_blend):

Fixed if anyone runs across this thread while having the same problem:

Hello beefaroni. Actually it works. I did a small test now and I must say it’s bit tricky. First of all you need to use a 1.0 constant (or texture with at least one pure white channel) for the Mask input if you want to use another texture entirely. Secondly, and what confused me, you need to import the same opacity texture you use in material function. However there is a bug and preview doesn’t work in Material function.

Here are some screenshots:
Material Function: - no opacity preview
Material:,YardKoQ#0 - material using material function WITHOUT Opacity mask override
Material:,YardKoQ#1 - material using material function WITH Opacity mask override
Material: - opacity mask override not working

As you can see it works only when I have “checker” texture inside material.

Hope it helps.

Yeah that’s the workaround I also tested. Anyway it’s confusing.