[Layered Material] Barrel

I’ve made a wooden barrel with metal hoops as layered materials.
Now I can’t figure out how to make the metal hoops appearing higher than the underneath wooden layer.
How do I need to set up a Normal Map or a Displacement Map within layered materials to achieve that it won’t look flat ?

I was browsing through posts, found yours and noticed you never got an answer. I know its been awhile and hopefully you have resolved it but I thought I’d put my two cents in.

First of all, there is a material layer normal blend function you can use that will blend your large scald baked normals with your layered materials. This is how you would get the large scale normals to blend with your materials.

Also it seems you are plugging in layered material function into a new material function. You can use these in a regular material as well. I recomend looking at some more examples, documentation or videos to see how its put together at a higher level. Essentially how to use material layers in your material.

Are you making a mobile game or do you have a very specific reason for making a material like that? Why not model the rings instead?

Here is a related tutorial

I’m sorry that I write back late.
I didn’t thought someone would still reply. :slight_smile:

@BackedUp20; Yes I’ve resolved it. It doesn’t look great but its ok, I can’t do it better at the moment. Need to go on ^^

@JamesEmory; No it wasn’t planned to make a mobile game. I tought it would be easier to do it this way than modeling the hoops out, also I wanted to learn using Layered Materials :slight_smile:
And don’t forget that I have no idea what I’m doing g

@unit23; спасибо! Good ressource. Maybe it will look better with a Displacement Map.