Layered Landscape Material is not compiling


i have made a layered Landscape Material but when i apply it, it does not render or get compiled. It only shows the Grey/White placeholder.

Every Texture is set to wrap, there are no compilation errors and i have tried to fill the landscape with every layer of the material, always the same result.

When i go into the Material, it gets Displayed correctly.

try adding a input to the first layer, create layer info for all your layers, and try painting a little bit of each layer on the landscape.

The dude in the tutorial which this material is based upon, said thats somehow handy to make a layer that is not used. I’ve tried to assign a layerinfo to every material but nothing did change.

I find it weird that the layermaterials do not even get rendered in the preview.

The tutorial i am talking about is this one : Landscape Material Tutorial Part 1 (Unreal Engine 4) - YouTube

that guys doing some odd stuff in that video and its pretty old too. have you checked out the one from the unreal live stream Here. I know this one works ive used it myself.

as for your material the only think i can think of is that the engine is rendering what it knows to render but there are certain layers that arent setup right like your grass layer. when ive made landsccape layers before the samples in the target layers section of your second picture should show a sample of the material or at the very least be black. yours shows the basic material which tells me somethings wrong.

also your screenshot of your blueprint is zoomed out really far so i cant see the nodes or tell what they are.

Yes, i am also really confused but i am a noob on materials so i just followed along.

Thanks for your hint, i must have missed this one !

Looks like i am gonna remake the whole material :slight_smile:

if you look in the description of the video i linked theres actually a way to download the material from the video. if your new to materials the best thing i can say is to keep it simple at first, then as you learn more you can make your materials more complex.

Yes, i already found it. Thats a really good way to get started with layered materials. Great source.Thank you again !

I just put in my own textures and it works :smiley:

thats beyond my knowledge but i would guess its something to do with the layers but honestly its not something ive ever tried.

One thing i noticed is that when i apply a displaced material (the rocks in this case), the whole landscape component gets the displacement. How do i limit the displacement to the area where the actual material is applied ?

Alright, ill keep digging into that. Thank you anyways for helping me out this far. I am really glad there are peope like you in this community !