Lava Shader

Does anybody have a Lava Shader that would like to share with me for Kaboom Arena? I will pay for it if necessary. 8-}

Failing that, does anybody have a good tutorial or steps to create a Lava Shader … unfortunately I am stuck at the office today and I can’t power up the Stragety Game or Elemental Demo to see how it is done.

I played a little with the Ocean Shader but couldn’t really achieve the result I wanted to.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Did this long time ago when I tested lava, it’s rather simple but I’m happy to share it with the community maybe someone can use it.
It uses only textures from content starter pack (T_Rock_Basalt_N , T_Fire_Tiled_D)
How it flows depends a lot on the mesh and uv layout and probably needs to be tweaked depending on what mesh it’s on ( I used SM_Rock when I created it)

In the all wise words of Allar … Awwwwwwwwwwww Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh … 8-}

Thanks for this … I will give it a whirl tonight and let you know how it worked out. Shot for the material. 8-}

You could always have a look at the Lava in the Elemental tech demo (that one with the funky demon knight dude).

This is just what I need right now, thank you for sharing it!