Lava material (masked panning)

Hi all,

I’m working on LavaMaterial which is using Tilling texture D/N/AO/Dis.
For the Emssive I’m using seperate channel (G).

My question is it possible to have some panning texure run thru my lava cracks? small movement
Currently have something working which pans a texure, but when I paint on my landscape
it paints like a blockshape. Its not masking out my main Tilling texture the (cracks)
Is this technical possible? How would you set this up? Big Thanks.

Show the material you have. This should be possible and even quite easy.

Just use the linear interpolate node. Use that mask as the alpha and then plug in the panning and non panning textures into the A and B slots.

Hi. Thank you both. I’m still having problems getting it to work. Also the mask seems to be inverted as I’m gettting strange results. The LavaColor / glow and Emissive Power work. My lerp goes to LayerBlend as I’m using Landscape. If you could help would be great perhaps small thing I Missunderstood :frowning:


OK, here goes my tip.

Make a Lava material function the result must be a material attribute.
Make a tile material function the result must be a material attribute.

Blend both with Layer Material Blend using your alpha.

Here the docs.

Thanks All, I made some more progress, but got some flow running thru my lava cracks it only looks strange like its transparant.
How could I have some more blending going on with these textures? Perhaps 2 fire textures. Thanks


Put a CLAMP NODE between the multiply and alpha lerp of your mask.

Why you take color or lava(it’s vector3 not float) and multiply that with mask and then use that with lerp node?
What is that white/pink texture?

OK, here’s how the lerp node works: it blends between two colors or values based on a grayscale 0-1 alpha. You have colors going where the alpha should be, and that’s a no-no. The alpha input on the lerp node should just be a black and white alpha mask, that’s it. Plug all your colors in the A or B inputs, and it will blend from there. The A input should be your Lava, the B input should be your rocks. Then the alpha blends between the two.

Also, it is my recommendation to use the TC_Grayscale compression settings for the best quality results on alpha masks, otherwise, you’ll waste memory on unused channels, and there will be compression artifacts. TC_Grayscale desaturates the texture to just one channel, but leaves that channel uncompressed so you can get the best quality.

TC_ALPHA gives you best quality/memory. It’s compressed one channel texture format. Uses only 4-bit per pixel and have great quality.


I’ve made my setup without the EmissiveGlow and Color. So I can see what’s happening. I have noticed that my flames/fire/textures are running thru
pieces of my rock. I have checked my mask and pixels are black/white 100%. My question is why is this happening? Is this something with my Landscape LayerBlends. Its just a layerblend that goes into Emssive. The mask Uv´s are Relative so I everything can be controlled at once. The panner has their own uv coordinates, just wondering why flames are visible in parts of my mask.

Here is the node tree to add to the Emissive output of one of the layers - The OneMinus should attach to the B output of a Multiply with the A output of that Multiply set to the Diffuse texture for that layer and the input obviously coming from the Diffuse output of the main node. This will stop it from rendering under your Lava.



Thanks for all your help. I made the node tree as you explained, but I’m
bit confused how you setup your EmissiveTexture can this be set to Color
and RGBA channel? I was under the impression that I needed to set it to the GreenChannel for


Also the MaskTexture I am using color sample as I thought you needed to set it
to TC_grayscale. In your example your are taking the greenchannel?

As you can see the mask runs to 1-x and multiply (B) the input goes to the DifusseLayerBlend
which has 3 layers as you know.

I created a EmissiveLayerBlend as you recommend this runs into Emissive input.

I had some results but I also noticed that EmissiveTexture is animating but then its
scalling is incorrect with this DifusseTexture03. As you know DiffuseTexture03 has its
own RelativeTilling does this mean you would need to assign to the EmissivePan tree?

Perhaps I missunderstood or its just incorrect what I’m doing :frowning:
if you have any advice on this would be really cool. Thanks again.