Lava Lamp Material/Shader

So i made lava lamp material.
I am making a ps1 stylized game and I wanted to make a lava lamp, at first I made it as an animation of a mesh on metaballs in Blender. But the metaballs cannot be converted to a mesh while keeping the animation. Then I thought that since this is ps1, I can just use a sprite. The idea didn`t leave me and this is what I got.


Panner speed for bubble masks is 1 and -1 (Y).
“AddMore” is custom material function that adds more than two values ​​at the same time, you can use “Add” node.
Remap node required values ​​may differ depending on the textures you use.

I tried to add volume using bump offset, etc., but I didn’t succeed. I also tried to make that depending on the angle of the camera, the bubble mask moved to the left or right, it was close but still not right.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips to make this look better (like how to add more volume), I would appreciate it.