Launching to iOS, splash screen then constant black screen

I previously posted about an issue where I would launch my game from the editor to my iPhone, it would display the splash screen, go black, and then exit to the iPhone main screen/menu.

I’ve tried a lot of different suggestions on these boards, but I haven’t really made any progress. It’s driving me crazy. I just set my phone back to factory defaults and then restore it.

Now, my game is forever hanging in blackness after the splash screen. The app isn’t actually crashing like it was prior, in fact if I double tap the home button I can definitely see it continuing to run.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


I was unable to reproduce this issue. To investigate this issue further, having a copy of your project where the issue occurs would help in my investigation. You can privately message me on the forums here:


HI ,

I sent you a private link of my 4.15 project.

I should have probably closed it, but I had posted an earlier thread when the symptoms changed from crashing to the constant black. You can see some of the steps that Steve and I were going over here; Game crashes, Splash Screen to Black to Crash - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thanks again.

I was able to get your project to run as expected while testing on my iPhone 5 s. To do this I deleted the Saved and Intermediate folders in your project then launched the project onto the device. Let me know if this does not work for you!

What iOS device specifically are you trying to launch to?

Thanks for looking at it.

Yeah, I tried that a few times to no avail and just tried it again. I am trying to push from a Windows 10 PC to an iPhone 6+ running 10.3.1. In the other thread, I was able to create a new project with new provisions/certificates and launch that to my phone however. So its clearly something with my project and not the phone, its just not causing any errors or something.

I think I got it mostly working. There must be some project settings that I can’t quite pin down that are causing the problem, some settings that are brought over between version changes, etc.

Essentially, what I ended up doing was making a brand new project, pasting my content folder over the new project’s content folder, and then manually exported the pertinent projected settings from my project (inside the editor) to the new project, mostly collision, input, and maps and modes.

(It would be super helpful if when you clicked “All Settings” in the project settings that you could export all the settings, instead of just exporting the description of the project.)

Still missing some settings, hoping will be easy to find them.

After getting my project all cleaned up and ready to go, submitted to my source control, I tested a few things to see if I could find out what the file in question was.

Probably could have guessed this, but it wasn’t really obvious till now… but culprit was my DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini. When I copied that to my new project that was launching properly to iOS, it all of a sudden failed. Delete it and it launches successfully again. The more you know…


Edit: In fact, I think I found the real cause. I had deleted my DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini and planned to rebuild it. But while I was in the process of taking stock of my project and some of the new features of 4.15 I haven’t yet explored, I may have stumbled upon the real reason.

When I went to the Project Settings - Rendering, I changed Mobile MSAA to 2x MSAA and it caused the same exact issue I was experiencing earlier. Changing it back to No MSAA and everything works again. I don’t know if its my iPhone 6+ exclusively or not, but it does not seem to like MSAA and causes a lot of issues. Possible bug?

Glad it was of help to someone! Just hope Epic sees this eventually and fixes it!

Your answer solved my problem as well. It seems that MSAA works fine on iPhone 7 Plus, older iPad Air, but not newer iPad Air 2 (makes no sense). But turning off Mobile MSAA solved the problem for me. No more crashing after the load screen.

, seeing that you are staff, I figured I’d add my experience with this as well. Mobile MSAA seems to be causing the crash on iPad Air 2, but not an older iPad Air, and iPhone 7 Plus is fine too. Disabling Mobile MSAA in the Rendering settings section fixed the crashing issue. Its a workaround for now, but certainly a bug.

Hi Guys,

I’m having the same problem. After the splashscreen the app goes back to the ipad homepage.

Where can I find the DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini?