Ios Testflight app screen stays black after launch screen

I developed my game completely on windows and when it came time to finish I got my hands on a mac to attempt to package and ship the game for the first time ever. I watched all the video tutorials I could get my hands on. I got the app on TestFlight did the provision licesion stuff and tried to ship or build it through xcode. And came into a multitude of errors that i patched up throughout 3 days of debugging and now my issue is that when I get it on TestFlight to the phone through building on xcode it launches then shows the loading screen then goes black permanently Even in the console log when my phone is plugged in that runs in realtime there is no errors? The way I get it to the phone is through xcode’s archive or plugging in my iphone directly and building through that. And keep in mind that my workspace settings never worked on legacy for the builds but then I switched my workspace settings to the default(unique) and then that worked. But If I try to build it with shipping settings on unreal I get an error. I attempted to scour the internet for solutions for the same problem like mine for example “Power of 2 texture solution” iOS - Black screen after splash screen - #4 by anonymous_user_a08c0bf2
Or the “MSAA Solution Launching to iOS, splash screen then constant black screen
These did NOT help my black screen Issue.
here are some images for reference:

info plist