Launcher ignores -http=wininet when startpage is not marketplace

Engine Version: 4.10 on branch master(08.19.2015)
Only occures when the editor starts the launcher itself!

I noticed that the Epic Games Launcher seems to ignore the -http=wininet command when it is started in the standard community tab. If it started in the marketplace tab, everythings working fine.
So OpenLauncher(false, TEXT("ue/marketplace"), TEXT(-http=wininet)); works fine whereas OpenLauncher(false, TEXT("ue"), TEXT(-http=wininet)); ignores the command.

Hi TriNityGER,

I believe the OpenLauncher does not support command line arguments any more, but i have forwarded the issue to another developer to see if there is a work around you could use.

Hi TriNityGER,

Instead of adding -http=wininet to the OpenLauncher Command, can you try adding the following to Engine.ini:


Doesn’t seem to work :confused: The launcher complains again that no connection can be established.

Just to confirm you put this in the ini for the launcher and not the Engine?

Whoops sorry I thought I had to put it in the engines ini. Yes, it works now! I just put it in the BaseEngine.ini and it works, finally! Thanks <3

EDIT: Just as a sidenote, you should add this tip to the Troubleshooting Launcher Problems site on the wiki :wink: