Launcher Crud on AH

I’ve seen a ton of issues while roaming the AH concerning the launcher. People are getting really frustrated and it doesn’t help that the Epic staff says to try the troubleshooting steps when the OP already said he’s done them. Something is whacky with the launcher just by the fact that so many people are having issues. With that said, my only issue with the launcher is that it never logs in correctly the first time…it will work when I retype the password in.

Being the entry point into UE4, the launcher needs to be rock solid. Basically, I think the launcher needs dedicated love right now because we do not want to lose people to inferior engines…

for me it take 20 - 30 min for logging in after retyping the password 3 4 times
i kinda got used on that

At least you can get in… <grins> But, it shouldn’t have to be like that. The launcher needs to be the most rock solid part of the gig because its the entry way for new folks into UE4. IMO.

Hey ,

You’re absolutely right about the launcher needing to be rock-solid, as it’s the first thing a new developer will experience. I’ve occasionally had login issues myself, so I understand where you’re coming from. Let me take a look at expediting some of these issues, can you link me to an answerhub report for your login issue? It’ll allow me to assign someone to it directly and monitor the progress.

Andrew, can you also? It’ll help us figure out where these are all coming from.

Hi … Here’s some issues that are on the AH:

Also, you could do a search for LAUNCHER too… That will show a bunch of stuff.

Thanks for asking… Take Care!

Thanks for sharing those, it looks like there was staff assigned to them already and they’re getting responses about the issues. I’ll check back on these and with the launcher team to see what can be done to get more eyes on problem areas.


Well, one can launch the project from .uproject…

But sometimes you need launcher and it doesn’t login for some minutes, occasionally it even logouts on its own.

Not really major issues, but there’s something odd.