Launcher 1.11.3-2430297 and Network drive support


So we have a setup which uses network storage for all projects however it appears that the Epic Games Launcher only allows vault items and projects to be saved on the same drive as the launcher was installed. I’m hoping this is just a user error and I am missing something obvious that allows project files (most importantly) or vault files to be stored on the network drive rather then local storage.


Perhaps I can be more specific, This feature does not support mapped or network locations that are not windows native. I can use other windows locations on the network but the samba share is not visible, even though it is available to any other program on the operating system.

Hi thestakingwolf,

This may change with a future update to the Launcher, but currently the Vault must be installed on the same drive as the Launcher. Here is a link where other users discussing this same issue and possible workarounds.



TJ, I am not speaking of the of the Launcher but of a project itself. However mklink will work for this issue I certainly hope UE supports saving projects and assets on network locations.

I do understand the Vault is limited to the same drive.

The Project folders can’t be stored on a network drive because of performance issues. The editor needs constant access to those files while the project is open.

You can find a little more info about that in the link below.

Fair enough, however as networking improves it would be nice to see this feature. We operate infiniband so I would imagine our infrastructure could support it. Thanks for the response though.