Launch game without ANY visuals

In light of the recent 4.23 addition of Supporting Screen Readers (link: Supporting Screen Readers | Unreal Engine Documentation ) we have been working on a blind-accessible game. So far so good, and we’re not really running into any issues on our development computers. However, on our third outside test, we ran into a problem…

Blind people… don’t have… graphics cards…
Seemed obvious when it happened, but it just hadn’t occured to us. So now we’ve got a problem: We have a game, it’s blind accessible, it’s been tested, but 99% of that part of our target audience can’t play the game because the engine is demanding visuals, despite the fact that the engine has been set into accessibility support.

Does anyone know how I can drastically improve visual performance? Ideally I’d like to flat-out disable the entire rendering, but other alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated too!!

Blind people dont only have gpus, they require graphics cards.

As far as i know, all computers absolutely require a gpu of some sort to even boot regardless of OS, even if the gpu completely sucks. Actually, Most cpus except amd desktop/server and a few intel cpus have integrated graphics.

However unreal engine requires DX11, and likely will drop that too, requiring DX12, however thats 2.5% of steam users. Also, just turn down the resolution to a miniscule amount, like 5% renderscale, and dont draw anything fancy, go complete potato mode. Though there is no way to just stop rendering.

You’re correct, and I suppose I should have been clearer. Most of their computers do have an integrated GPU, it’s just not letting them control the game on any sufficient level due to performance issues. The controls are all easy to use as far as our feedback is concerned, but due to rendering they’re unable to play.

So you’re suggesting to reduce the rendering resolution down, and to turn off anything that we’d need to render? We’re currently on 25% renderscale and have turned off our scenery objects. Still the performance cost is drastically too high for what their computers can afford unfortunately.

Screenspace effects, shadows, and things like that hit hard. use profilegpu and see what might be up

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