"Launch complete" in pop-up, but nothing launched

I am very frustrated we UE 4.18.2. Everytime I create a basic blue-print project or a basic-code project, the project works when “Play” button is clicked. But when I press the “Launch” button for Desktop or Android platform, the lower pop-up says “Compiling assets…”-> “Building executable…”, “Deploying…” , “Launch complete!!” with some green border around pop-up. But nothing is built or launched. Manually searched the whole project folder but neither there is any exe no there is any apk.

Later installed 4.17.2 and tried, but the same thing happens.

I have VS Community 2017, AMD A8-7600 Quad-core @ 3.10 GHZ, 8GB System RAM, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB with latest drivers and direct-x update, Windows 10 x64 Enterprise with latest update 16299.

Additional note: Project opens in VS properly. Project gets compiled from the editor compile button.

I am in the same situation please help us i’m on Unreal 4.20