Launch character physics water volume

In my 2.5d game, I’ve created a ‘Physics volume’ with ‘water volume’ turned on and buoyancy set to 2.

To make the character swim, I change the controls to ‘Set Velocity’ to get the character to swim in all directions. Works well, and when I stop moving, the character slowly raises to the top of the water on their own.

Unfortunately, I wanted dash to work as well, and if you use ‘Launch Character’ in the volume, it seems to turn off the volume and the character drops like a Tetris block… Not only this but I don’t seem to be able to reactivate the water volume unless I exit it, or collide with something like a platform within the volume, and then I can swim again.

Is this a bug? expected? is there a workaround? I tried add force, and add impulse as an alternative to ‘launch’ but neither seem to do anything. Any advice is appreciated.

(PS. Documentation on ‘Launch Character’ would be nice. I can’t find any, and right click has that option greyed out. If any Devs are reading :smiley: )

Found a workaround if anyone else needs it. I just change my swimming velocity from 300 to 1000 with a short delay before setting it back again. This gives the illusion of a dash while in swimming mode.