Launch Character opposite direction from where comes the bullet

Hello to all. I have a problem and I hope someone can give me a help. I do so when a character is hit by a bullet goes in the opposite direction from where comes the bullet. So, I tried the blueprint of Mycharacter, using hit event, I multiplied vector hit event location with a float and then connected to the launch character. so doing get the rebound effect of the character, but if the character is shot in the back does not go in the direction you should move, but it is as if the bullet hit him in the face. Does anyone have any ideas? maybe I missed the starting point for what I want to create.

Does it work in every other direction? This is off the top of my head and may not work, could you get the forward vector of the bullet, multiply that by some number and launch the actor in that direction? I have had alot of struggle getting characters to launch and playing hit montages at the same time which required alot of experimenting to get right.

I was able to do something similar to what I need , thanks to you . Even if I still work on it to block some acceleration in Z when the bullet impacts from the bottom of the capsule .

Im glad its working!, but Is the multiplying by hit location necessary? Hmmm, I guess a forward vector could have some upward force if the bullet came from an angle. But If you dont want any upward force, I believe you can just break the vector, then make vector again without the Z. Or multiply it by a new vector and do like 1,1,.01 to minimize the Z.

I tried to remove the multiplication, but I did not understand what you say later, however, I deleted the launch and use chatacter addimpulse node …