Launch an RPC From Operating System?


I’d like to show the players that are currently playing on my server a warning message that the admin is going to shut the server down in 5 minutes. Is it possible to start an event on the server (for example in the Game Mode) remotely from the operating system? Something like a beacon?

The idea is that the admin would click on a button in an app on their Windows OS, the app would send the server a message through a port and execute an event that would show everyone the warning message and then restart the server after 5 minutes.

Is anything like that possible in UE4?

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What you are looking for is RCON. Plenty of documentation floating around.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll check it out! :man_bowing:

@Rev0verDrive Could you link me to some documentation, please? I haven’t found anything except a WIP plugin on GitHub. :worried:


I would expect that there are probably plenty of solutions for this out there, but a quick-and-dirty way I’d probably do it, since I happen to generally use a lot of Javascript, would be to have a separate process running a websocket, have Unreal connect to the websocket, and listen for command messages from the other process. You could do the same thing with pretty much any language and communication method, even pipes or regular files on a file system.