Laser Beam particle with collision?

I have a particle system which is a laser beam constructed with this ( and It’s working perfectly. My question is, is it possible to create collision for this particle system (remember, it’s just a beam no particles falling down or sht. like that) so I could make a mirror which creates another particle system connected to two other actors (you know those laser-mirrors)? Or is it possible to do something similar without collision? Thanks!

Look into blueprints and trace. Particles will not do everything you want, they are for visualization not game mechanics. Do game mechanics in blueprints.

So you (or actor from level shoots) shoot, you trace line. Get start and end location, then you spawn first laser beam from start to end location. Get normal vector from hit location, rotate impact vector (to get it mirrored) do next trace to new target. And repeat as many times as you want.

Well I never thought about that :smiley: Thanks!

Do you know how to do this with collision? I want have the particle which autoconnects with two actors. I want to get the lenght and rotation so I can wrap a Box around it with the same dimesions?

Hello! So i want to achieve the same thing like @iUltimateLP wants to do. I have a beam particle that i want to use 100% of the time. And i think that Line-tracing every tick is pretty impactfull on the performance… Especially if there are around 50-150 in one level. Is it possible to somehow detect collisions between 2 actors or around a beam particle with source and target actors without using linetraces? Something that iUltimateLP suggested would be perfect but i can’t think of a way to make that work ?

Any help would be greatly apreciated!