LAS Point Clouds not visible in Quest 2 HMD

Hello! I have this point cloud set from a drone-based photogrammetry scan. Inspired by the videos showcasing the UE integration with such data, I imported the set. The source is a model made in Realitycapture, the file format is LAS, the point count is about 29 million. The data renders just well in the UE viewport, and I manage to launch the level in the Quest 2.

Everything works as expected, but the point cloud doesn’t render at all. I haven’t given it a material, as the documentation didn’t seem to cover that.

I’m optimistic about the workflow based on the YouTube vids about point clouds in UE, and I’d appreciate all input as to how I may actually see them in VR.

As you might be able to tell, I’m a bit new to development in general, so don’t rule out the obvious mistakes :wink:

Thanks for reading!

I don’t think point clouds are supported by the mobile renderer used by the Quest. Convert your point cloud to optimised geometry and textures in your photogrammetry software first then import that into Unreal. Details will depend on your sw but try and get it to export in fbx format. Good luck!