Large Open-World Kid Kite Demo

I haven’t downloaded 4.7 but i have always heard about a larger open world demo coming.
is it? i see grass, i see flowers and the model looks cool. would be to run around flying a kite in that environment. please don’t tell me that’s photo-shop :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, now as you mention it… hopefully it’s a “real” map and that they will publish it :smiley:

yeah I would love to find something to tell me how to automate how to the loading and unloading of large worlds. I have one that is about 100KM x100km but I can figure out how to load and load based on distance.


Unreal Engine 4 Kite Open World Cinematichttps://youtube/=0zjPiGVSnfI

watching the large open GDC presentation.
my gawd the trees, my gawd the grasses, my gawd the rocks.
So are we getting or not? can any higher up comment?


That’s !! :smiley:

4.8 or post 4.8 would be my guess :slight_smile:

4.8 launch at the earliest - older versions of the engine wouldn’t be able to open and run demo (missing features). :slight_smile:

Those close-up shots from the cliffs were amazing.

is definitely the most impressive demo I have seen so far, absolutely love it!

For those who missed it, check out the stream from a couple hours ago, it’s incredible! 's a link:

/b/632598238 (Skip ahead to 45min 30sec for the start of the stream)

Thx :slight_smile:

map is amazing!

Recreating Middle-Earth, I come! :smiley:

Middle earth DEM project enjoy!


I heard about the Free Middle-Earth thing :slight_smile: Did they use-data, or whats its called for ? But lets stick to the topic :slight_smile:

From the stream, it looks like 4.8 is gonna up it a notch or two… can’t wait.

Epic, now… it is time to create new “Skyrim” with those assets shown in GDC video.

My game is so going to look like :smiley:

Does anyone know how they were able to design such a large environment?

is the GDC 2015 twitch stream where they talk about how they created that entire scene. Skip to 46:00 minute for the start of the presentation.



Thank You

PLease , I don’t understood what he told about Skyrim Level at 47.33 minute ?

The complete UE4 Kite demo is coming along with 4.8. We might be able to release some of the content from the demo sooner. Stay tuned for news.

That’s ! Can’t wait to dig into it. =)