Large Landscape Optimizations

Hello, I am a game developer working on a horror game with a friend in UE5. I am sort of new to UE but have worked in game development for a while; especially unity.

We used world creator to create a mountaino

us landscape and then imported the height map into UE. I smoothed it out and created a material for it. There are three blended textures in the material for grass, rock, and dirt/gravel.

Landscape info:
Component Resolution (Verts): 64x64
Component Count: 0
Component subsections: 1x1
Resolution (Verts): 1x1
Landscape Count : 26
Total Component Count: 81
Overall Resolution (Verts): 568 x 568

Computer Info:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
Intel(R) Core™ i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz

When in play mode, my CPU and GPU both average around 65% status in task manager. This is just with the geometry and textures of the landscapes, I haven’t even added foliage. When I did test adding grass (from mega scans downloaded at medium quality), just grass on 1/4 of the map started overworking my computer. I even played with the cull distance but it doesn’t look good and makes it impossible to place foliage.

I am in need of help for LARGE optimizations that would allow for the map to be full of texture, foliage, and have enough optimization to be able to add a river.

I have attached pictures of the landscape and materials, any help is very greatly appreciated.