Large actors disappear when the camera is not looking directly at them

I’ve been following Unreal Sensei’s YouTube tutorial video about creating planets. The video is made for UE4 but I’m using UE5. The problem seems to only occur when using UE5.

The scale of the planet sphere is 200 000 000, which is quite large. Whenever I create a sphere even remotely that big, UE gets really finicky about camera direction in relation to the sphere. The sphere just disappears if the camera is not pointing more or less directly at it. The exact angle depends on the distance of the camera from the sphere. The closer they are to each other, the less room there is for error. When the camera is really close, just looking slightly past the center of the actor makes it disappear from sight.

It’s not a project specific problem. No matter what the project, large actors like this behave the same way.

The only suggestions I’ve found online have been about playing around with the sphere’s Bounds Scale in the Details editor. I’ve tried different settings, but it does nothing. The only way that I’ve found to fix the problem is setting the scale much smaller. I could scale the planet down, but I’d rather figure out how what’s causing this issue.

I’ve had similar large objects behave that way - I’m pretty sure it’s to do with world partition and it’s unloading them…

I think I found a solution. In World Settings there’s a checkbox Enable Large Worlds. Checking it seems to get rid of the problem. I’m not sure if that’s an ideal way to fix it, but I haven’t seen any issues with it.

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