Laptop that can handle UE4?

Hi guys,

Most of the stuff that I do with UE4 I do it on my PC. However, I am a student and I have two jobs and most of the time I prefer to just lay down and work on what ever project I want to work. I bought a laptop a few months back, it was about $500 but it could not handle UE4 and overheated way too easily, so I took it back. Can anyone suggest a good laptop to use with UE4? are there any?


The Asus gaming laptops seem to fair well for UE4 (I don’t have one, that’s just what I’ve heard). I already have a thread asking something similar: Laptop for UE4 - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums You are looking at a price of $1500+ for a GOOD laptop. I decided to just build a PC for $1500, and it is more than enough for UE4. A $1000 PC will be great for UE4 if you are wanting to save a little bit of money and don’t absolutely need the portability.

Asus ROG are popular, but some models are rotten…

I bought two ROG machines and they hang constantly requiring instant re-boot. The crash dmps always point to Nvidia display-device-driver failure. I returned one, but the replacement had the exact same problem. Some buyers are happy though, so what’s going on? I’ve seen discussions pointing to Asus trying to grow market share too aggressively, which hints at manufacturing problems, as Asus struggle to keep up with demand. But it could also be due to the unique pairing of Asus motherboards + Nvidia GPUs…

Either way, if you happen to get a bad egg you’ll be cursing the purchase. So I recommend you read heaps of buyer comments, and focus on in-depth reviews mainly, ignoring overly-positive 5-star two-line feedback from the big online retailers especially Amazon, as they appear to have a problem with fake reviews / reviewers.

Also, be mindful of the Asus ‘worldwide’ warranty, as its anything but…

Well not what I was hoping but I appreciate the feedback. Might have to continue with my PC then.

There are decent laptop recommendations out there. Do an Advanced Search for recent laptop threads using Laptop as a keyword and select Title only search (sort by date).

But consider this, now is not the greatest time to go all out buying hardware for UE4. The engine is still evolving, with the kite demo a good example of everyone playing catch-up. So try and get by with what you have for another year if possible. If that won’t work, then think about buying the cheapest Laptop / PC that’ll get you by or buy second hand etc.

Otherwise accept that you’ll have to blow a heap of change on a beast that’s Titan-X / GTX 980 / 980 TI powered and has tons of memory just to be future proof ‘for now’…

I recommend an MSI gaming laptop with an nVidia graphics chip. Just don’t buy Asus. They got a good reputation from years of providing good products, but they have really gone down-hill in the last few years.