Laptop for UE4 development

Hi all,

I would like to know if any of you has some great advice about which laptop would be a great choice for working on UE4 as a coder.

The two choices I was considering atm are:

-Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

-custom built PCSpecialist laptop

The latter sounds like more power for less, but I’m afraid about noise/overheating that’s caused by many custom built laptops.

These are just my picks so far, I would like to know more about you though!

I wouldn’t recommend laptop to work with UE4 unless you really have to. Also can you post the specs of those laptops please?

Thanks for the answer. I don’t really have to, but I would prefer it since I’m often moving. Here are the specs:

-Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p
Intel Core i7 4700MQ (2.40/3.40GHz, 6MB L3)
HD 1TB + 8GB SSD - RAM 12GB - Display 15,6" wide
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n - Windows 8.1 64-bit
nVidia GeForce GT 755M 2GB

-custom built PCSpecialist laptop
It would be something like

Intel i7-4810MQ(2.80 GHz) 6 MB
nvidia GTX 860m
16GB RAM @ 1600MHz
mSATA SSD + 7200rpm HDD

Custom build looks better, since GPU is going to be your main concern while using UE4. I suggest making a research on the forums and AnswerHub on system specs, performance reports before you decide though. Also make a search for Windows 8 in AnswerHub. I’ve seen a bunch of issues posted there so you may want to go for Windows 7 if you want to avoid them.

In fact I’m really tempted by the custom build, but the fact that you select these components makes me afraid that overheating/noise problems may arise. Thanks for the tip though, happy to know a laptop might work out.

When you really want to use a laptop for the UE4 I would also recommend you to use the one with your custom specs:

e.g I use:

-nvidia gtx 660M
-intel i-7 3610 QM
-4gb RAM

WIth those specs I get a acceptable fps rate (around 30 fps)

I’ve been getting along with my Samsung with 6 Gig memory, a quad 1.6Ghz amd, and a low end ATI HD card.
It’s not the best, but it works for my purposes.

Really the only thing that was unplayable in the demo levels was the reflections.

As long as laptop match minimum of DX10, duo (sandy bringe? as i remember right) or quad core, 4GB you should able to run UE4 with lowered quality (even on Epic but it’s like 20FPS on blank level) which should be enoth as you are coder and main goal is to test code behavior. I got desktop on similar specs and it’s ok thru could be better.

You could always get an Alienware :wink:

I use the Y510p with Dual 755m (You lose use of the DVD bay) and it handles everything pretty well.

I have had numerous gaming laptop’s from different manufactures and all of them will struggle compared to a decent desktop PC.

I typically use the Y510p for testing and youtube videos, while I use my more powerful desktop for actually editing.


I would have to agree with the other posters. For a long time I was convinced I wanted a laptop, since I would mostly just be doing particle effects. However, after building a computer for $1,000 that can run this on Epic settings (the highest) at 120+ fps, I’m glad I didn’t get a laptop. They’re not meant for this kind of thing.

the Republic of gamer series by ASUS are awesome laptops. i owned one till i dropped it (half asleep coming down the stairs) it ran everything i threw at it on high with no heating issues.

heres some details

Sager NP9570
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4820K, 3.7-3.9GHz
Ram: 24GB DDR3
Graphics Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 880M (8.0GB) GDDR5 PCI-Express DX11
Display: 17.3" FHD 16:9

The idea that a laptop is not suitable for this task is not fully accurate - there are laptops that will perform quite well. The thing you have to keep in mind though is that a comparable desktop will be about half the price.

In either case you do not need to build it yourself, unless you want to :).

As VFXM posted, a Sager will work well, but I owned one and they are very heavy. Ultimately I would ask why you are getting a laptop if it is going to be 7+ lbs, because it won’t be very portable.

A couple of more portable ones that will work well are:
MSI GS60 Ghost - 16GB Ram, Quad Core processor, GTX 860M GPU, and only 4.36 lbs.

If you are willing to wait a couple months, Lenovo is releasing the Y50, which has very comparable specs to the MSI GS60 but it also comes with a touch screen. The touch screen does add a pound, so keep that in mind.

I personally will be buying the Y50, but if I did not want touch, I would get the ghost.

To start
I’ve had this laptop for over a year and it has preformed in engine very well.
In game it exceeded my expectations, even though i have the earlier version (mainly it has windows 7 instead if windows 8)

I own an ASUS G73JW-X8.

Razer Blade 14" with touch screen -

Razer Blade 17" Pro without touch screen -

Wow guys! I’ve been off just a few days and look at these interesting opinions! Hard to miss the Unity community with such participation :stuck_out_tongue: back to the topic, I actually find the Vortex IV LE from PCS to be very competitively priced. Also, the community feedback sounds great.

This is my recommendation, and what I’ve done. Really does make a huge difference.

I am considering this, actually…the problem is that I would need a laptop anyway.

In case I decide otherwise, do you know some website you’d recommend for building custom pc’s?