Lansdscape materials disappear

I have just updated my project to 4.21.1 from 4.20, and my landscape materials are not not showing on landscape (just default UE material instead of this). I used paint and visibility tools on lanscape. How can I fix this? Or is it just a bug?

Just a first guess, which may be entirely wrong, but why not.

How many texture layers is each component of your landscape painted with, at maximum? Is it more than four? If so, check out the following clip from a recent Unreal live stream where they show how more than 4 simultaneous textures on a single landscape component causes the material to fail and only display the default checkerboard, like in your screenshot.

Link to video on YouTube

That link takes you directly to the point where the presenter fixes the issue, but you may want to back up a few minutes earlier to see how he first introduces the topic.

I’m not sure why your landscape would be broken only after the engine upgrade, but, I guess that’s not important.

Good luck. I hope it helps.

Thanks for your answer, but it didn’t help :frowning: