Landscapes in UE5: Lots of issues! (RVT, Heightfield, Phys Mats)

As a heavy landscape user and creator, it appears that UE5 5.0.1 has quite a bit of issues coming from UE4 4.27. Most notably the mipping issues with RVT, lack of displacement for Heightfield, physical materials don’t seem to be working correctly, and billboard Impostors have also been broken, it can be very lightly alleviated with the built-in Impostor baker plugin materials but still has it’s own issues.

  • I haven’t found a solution for RVT mipping
  • Heightfield essentially has to use Specular channel
  • Physical materials I have no idea how to fix that
  • UE5 Impostor Baker plugin does fix the broken mats from UE4 versions but has incorrect normals

If anyone has any tips or advice to these things, that’d be highly appreciated. From what I can tell regarding Impostors, we’ll have to wait for “programmable rasters”, I just hope they’re working on RVT and the fixes to physical materials.

Image comparison between UE4 and UE5.


Bumping this thread as there are still no apparent fixes for the slow, blurry, high mip RVT updating.

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