LandscapeGrassOutput seems not working

Hello Folks!
Beforehand: Happy New Year!

I tested this example in the Image in the 4.15 Version, there it worked fine. In the 4.18 it just gave me the Slopebased-Textured Terrain and no Grass or any Foliage.

Image Explanaition:
Red Circle: Mathematical Procedure for Slope Based Texturing and Foliaging, using Result as Value for

  • Texturing based on Slope in Alphachannel of Lerp
  • Foliage based on Slope at Black Circle

Black Circle:

  • Putting in a 0 in Layer Rock for no Foliage,
  • a 1 in Layer Grass for Full foliage
  • Result from Slopeblend for Both.

The Overall result is correct Texturing, but no Foliage, doesnt matter how i use the LandscapeGrassOutput.
I also tried LandscapeLayerWeight and LandscapeLayerSample.

The exact same Material worked in 4.15…


I had to put my foliage-settings higher. It seemed to be at 0 Density for some reason at lower settings in the viewport after i updated.

Thanks anyways.