Landscape to FBX with material

Hello All, I’m new to UE4… I’ve got to create a static mesh from a Landscape I’ve created. The mesh will stay in UE4. How do I create a static mesh from a landscape and have the painted material save along with it? The mesh will be imported back into UE4. The landscape, as it currently is, is much too heavy. Needs to be just a mesh with it’s material. Any suggestions would help here, thank you!

UE4 landscapes are vastly more efficient than a static mesh with the same size / vertex count - so I don’t think it’s going to solve your problem.

If you want to try it, though:

You can export the landscape as a .fbx using File > Export Selected…
While in landscape mode, you can right click on each landscape layer and choose ‘export to file’

The usual reason to do this is to render in another DCC, but reconstructing the landscape exactly from these exports is not always straightforward.

If you are going to be doing this a lot, I’ve used the workaround of painting vertex colours onto the landscape rather than landscape material layers, and using these in the landscape material instead. It limits you to 5 layers (R, G, B, A, 1-A), but the nice thing about it is that vertex colours export with the .fbx mesh. I’m assuming this still works - been a couple of years.

That is not only not how it works, but would be incredibly inefficient to a ridiculous degree.