Landscape textures variations, mixing many textures

Hi everyone! How could I create texture variation material, like in World of Tanks? There are many textures mixed, how to create something like that?

What you want to do is a layer blend in your material.
Here a good tutorial on how to do it.

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What you want to do is a layer blend in your material.
Here a good tutorial on how to do it.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for reply! But I think I need a little but different thing. Texture layers are blended so smoothly in screenshot, and map is big, I don’t think that WOT developers painted every little texture detail by themselves, there are so many of them. Maybe there is a way to create material where layers will automatically blend not by landscape angle, or maybe randomly, like on screenshot
P.S. sorry for my not very good English

That’s OK, I’m French anyway, so I won’t judge your English.
You probably need a height blend in this case. Here’s another tutorial for you. :slight_smile:
Edit: Sorry, I think I misunderstood you to begin with.
If you want simple variations like in your example, check out the materials that comes with the Starter Pack. You have good examples of variations on big scale. This is probably what you’re looking for, but I’m leaving my other answer just in case.

Thanks! I just remembered grass material from starter pack, it was quite good… tiling was not noticeable at all. That what I needed :slight_smile: I will watch videos you sent me and starter pack.
Thank you very very much ! :smiley:

Be extra careful what you do. Adding extra textures negatively impacts performance and bumps up the layer complexity.

1 macro texture can go a long way if you utilize different scaling and creatively apply it to offset colors. However, pretty much anything you do “extra” on 4.23 and below results in poor overall performance.
(also 2k textures kill performance as well and add nearly nothing at 4k res compared to a 1k texture, so consider that too. Maybe the macro variation texture can be completely fine at 256 or 512 ).

I will take it to account, thanks! :slight_smile: