Landscape Texture are too small (each little square)

Hi , whenever im tring to put material on my landscape , the texture is takeing every little square (red ones in the image) not the big (the blue) or even bigger suqares , i tried to put some blueprint stuff (idk how u call it) on material but it didn’t work , i think its in the settings or stuff.

idk if it will help but im new in UE4 and even at my first try to make a landsacpe with a material/texture it did the same way , in unity u could choose ur texture size in ur ladscape so im thinking if there is an easy way to fix it like in unity.

theres actually two different options i can think of to modify the materials scale. first theres the texture coordinate node which you plug into the uv pin on textures and things within your material. to use this node to change the scale / tiling of the material, select the node and go to the detail panel on the bottom left, here look for uTiling and vTiling, changing the value of these will change how much the texture will be tiled. the second option is to use the landscape coordinate node. this node is similar to the texture coordinate node but you will be modifying the mapping scale in the details panel. both should work for what you need.

thx , but i already tried those , but i will retry step by step (as u said) , btw those are for making textures smaller cause normally 1 texture is per Big square ( in default there are 100x100 in ladscape) but my UE4 is puting the texture/material image in every small square (the smallest that exsit) so im thinking maybe the probleme is on the engine settings.

You can use them to make things bigger too. For the text coordinate tiling just set to a number between 0 and 1. for the landscape coordinate set mapping scale to a larger number like 10

Guess i will retry , Thank You !

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