Landscape+tesselation(world displacement) Height map tiles bigger in editor from the base color texture

Greetings dear developers!

I am having issues with creating a good landscape tesselation material. Somehow the height map tiles are bigger than the base color tiles and everything else. The material works well on normal meshes.

I am posting a picture



Hi elodakielod -

The reason that the Height Map appears bigger has to do with the vertex amount and alignment differences between the landscape and a typical static mesh. Heightmaps placed into Displacement are run on the vertexes of the tessellated mesh. Normally you can help increase the fidelity of your heightmap by increasing the tessellated mesh, but with landscapes you are tessellating twice, once in the landscape creation which sets up the patch extents and ultimately will limit the amount of the secondary tessellation which can occur based on the tightness of the patches generated at creation of the landscape.

Ultimately all you can do to try to make the meshes align correctly is to increase the tessellation multiplier and thus increase the amount of verts that are responding to the heightmap.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi. I understand! But the issue here is with the TILES, im not sure how can i screenshot it properly, but i try.

So here it is:

The material is in the first screenshot.



Thank You for the additional information. I have reported the issue as UE-16006 and will keep you informed here as we continue to investigate the issue.

Eric Ketchum

Thank you for the fast response!


Előd Somogyi

I am giving an update on this: the problem is with the Landscapecoordinates node. I tried to do the uv with the absolute world position node, and it works with that.


Előd S.

Hi elodakielod, how are you? Could you explain me how did you resolve the issue? I have the same problem I think.

Thank you man!