Landscape Tesselation Performance

Hello, I’m trying to use tesselation on landscapes.
I made a distance blend so only a little amount of the terrain gets tesselated but it makes no difference in performence no matter what I do(even when I set adaptive tesselation to 10) the fps drops off a cliff.

Is this normal ?

Hello BurningSky,

Would you provide a screenshot of your material and how you have your tessellation set up. I will recreate this on my machine and try determine if this is normal behavior.

The material is too complex to take a screenshot, you can download it here [link text][1].
Here is the screenshot of the tesselation Settings


adaptive tesselation is set to 48.

Hello BurningSky,

Your material is too complicated to handle fps above 10. Your material is being calculated with every component every frame. Your shader has 657 static lighting instructions and 532 dynamic lighting instructions with 8/16 texture samples. Combine this with large texture sizes and this will most certain decrease your frame rate. If you go to your viewport and you change the view mode to shader complexity you will probably see your landscape as white. This is indicative of intense calculations and is the most expensive thing to draw on screen.

Thank you for your help . After some playing around with the Settings I found out it was the “Crack Free Displacement” that caused this fps drop, after deactivating this I got only a low fps Impact.