Landscape sculpting negative Limit issue

I have 2 problems with Landscape in UE4.26 version:

  1. I cannot sclupt landscape go down to a limit that I have not yet determined. I tried changing the Z coordinate of landscape, but nothing has changed.
  2. I also scupt the bottom of a lake and a stream. I used the water feature of ue4.26 (river and lake). It blends into my landscape, this changes the terrain, I tried disabling its “effects Landscape” checkbox (river, lake). Then it disappears, is there any guidance for this, or I have to force it to blend it into my terrain.

Hope someone has the answer, thanks a lot

Hi, you can’t sculpt the landscape below or above a certain point (with z-scale at 1.0, that is -256m to +256m relative to the landscape position. If you want your landscape to have a higher range, you need to change the z-scale although you will loose precision that way, since you always got the same amount of different heights you can only change how they are distributed via the z-scale). That limitation is cause the landscape heightmap is being stored as a 16 bit texture. As for 2. I didn’t use the water features, so no idea.

Thanks for the knowledge you have shared. I understand a little better about landscape, which I am finding out.