Landscape rendering Bug


after upgrading to Unreal 4.13, I encountered a serious rendering bug in Unreal. If I change LODBias of a selected section in a landscape, section become invisible. You can see the bug in the picture below.

I always make distant sections higher lod, but it is not possible in current version. For instance, in another map, distant not playable sections used to render only 25k triangle, but now its 900k, because I could not use the feature.


PS: Problem might be related to this new feature.
New: Added a scalability CVar for landscape LOD biasing (r.LandscapeLODBias), which can have a huge impact on triangle count and help low-end vertex bound GPUs.


I believe this is expected behavior. You are setting LODBias to 3, but ForceLOD is set to -1, if you set this to a higher value it should render correctly.

Hi Adam Davis,

thanks for quick response, this used to work in previous versions. In version 4.13, it renders those parts correctly in other view modes such as wireframe, unlit, detail lighting, etc… But it does not work with Lit View Mode.

If I do following operations, landscape become visible again but temporarily. After changing Landscape Mode to Place Mode from the left Modes panel then, I select Landscape from World Outliner. Then lanscape renders correctly as long as landscape is selected.

Moreover those properties do different things, Forced LOD enforces LOD to target number. For instance, if I set Forced Lod to 3, its always 3, regardless of the distance to the camera However, if I set LODBias to 3, it starts with 3rd LOD and when camera go far, it changes LOD to 4, 5 ,6 respectively.

Consequenly, this feature used to work in previous versions. Currently, it only does not work with lit lighting.


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I have entered a bug report, which can be viewed here. You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff.

Thanks :slight_smile: