Landscape painting : Textures number limit for Layer Blend ?

Hi guys ^^

I have a problem with the painting of my landscape for my game :confused: I think the setup is good but when I add a texture in my layer blend (whether I put a texture for color / specular or normal), the preview and all the shader shutdown in my scene.

I tried to unplug all my specular map, add a normal map, unplug 1 or 2 color map… It seems there is a weird limit :confused:
I tried to use an atlas but I can’t find a solution to use just a part of my texture… there is no basic node for atlases ? It’s weird for a game engine…

Is there a limit of texture maps we can put on Layer Blend for landscape painting ?
Is there a trick to pass beyond this issue ? Maybe another setup, more messy but which work ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Examples with my all textures plugged (screen 01) and without my specular map (screen 02).