Landscape painting squares


There’s a bug in layer painting when we have a number layers painting on top of each other.
I have 12 layers there and just to make sure I did fully paint the terrain 12 times with every layer but this bug always happens.

And my client is waiting on the other hand.
Any ideas?

From what I remembered, UE4 Landscape Material has some limitation: you can blend up to 4 layers at most…And the Material has its limits too, you can use only up to 16 texture samplers…

These squares appear/disappear randomly as I paint. The same layer paints ok here, over there when I paint it a square shows up.

See if this one fits your situation…Weight-Blend, Height-Blend & Alpha-Blend problems…but, from my experience, the official document about this problem is a bit weird, seems useless sometimes…