Landscape painting results in 49k shader compile?

Hi all - I’d like to preface this by saying I’m a noob to the engine and 3D development overall but just wondering what I’m doing wrong here.

I have created a new landscape in the landscape tab and applied a material from the (free) procedural nature pack from the marketplace (specifically grass, dirt, cobblestone, puddles) to play around with.

all goes ok at this point - 3000 shaders to compile, no biggie.

The pack comes with the layer info built in, so I go ahead and apply the relevant info to the four layers associated with the material, and this is where the problems start. As soon as I apply the first layer info 49, 000 shaders start to compile… this is probably about 2hrs (if not more) wait time with my rig, and as soon as I make a dab with the paint brush on a layer another 5000 shaders start compiling.

At this rate it’s going to take me hours just to paint a simple 7x7 quad space - surely I’m doing something wrong here?
ive tried taking a look at the help docs and had a look through the forums but I can’t seem to find a straight answer on this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Main question I think would be, ‘are you using a material or material instance on the landscape’?

( It should be MI )

Thanks for the reply! I had a quick check and it looks like the material is a MI - however, in checking this I actually found a workaround for the problem.

Seems like if I restart/reopen the project, the shaders to compile drops down to a more reasonable 4K… I’ll keep looking into the root cause but at least now I can continue working :slight_smile:

Each time you paint using a “new” material layer on a landscape it will have to compile.

e.g. Paint grass layer … compile. paint dirt layer … compile.

What I generally do on fresh landscapes is blot the top left corner of each landscape (world composition) with each material layer. This gets the majority of all the compiling done upfront and allows me to paint without interruption.

e.g. 16x 505x505 landscapes tiled to 4x4Km … each landscape has 8 material layers and 64 components.

I have noticed that sometimes you will get an extra compile per layer add in various components of a landscape.

e.g. paint grass on component 1 … 2,3,4,5 etc with no additional compile for the layer. Yet component 26, 43 and 59 have to compile.