Landscape painting bug

Hi, im having an issue while trying to paint terrain with material on landscape. The problem is that i have created a new material with 15 textures (one with LB alha blend and the other textures with LB with height blend) and then assigned it to the landscape. But when i try to paint more than two or three layers, the landscape just goes blank and im not able to do anything (there was some solution i saw and that you can paint the whole missing spot and the texture finally appears, it actually works but it doesnt solve the problem and im not able to do this all the time). So i wanted to ask what is the problem and how can i solve this.

This picture is before applying the texture.

This picture is after applying the texture and after the shader compiling.

This picture is after ctr+z.


Gravel is alha blend and all the other textures are with height blend.

Didnt have enough space to include the last picture which was showing how my textures are set up. There are landscapecoords on the left connected to three blocks of texture samples (color, roughness and normal map). Each block is connected to its layer blend and all three layer blends are connected to LandScapeMaterial correctly.

I’m having this exact same problem, the second I paint more then 5 mats onto a square it does this…

I found the solution and it worked. Landscape material shaders not compiling - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums