landscape paint layers empty?

I don’t know why, but when i tried the landscape paint tutorial, my paint target layers are empty. It doesnt have the grass rock snow layers :frowning:

Where is the + sign or magnifying glass? It just shows nothing here regardless of how many times I make a landscape.

I could be missing a step but I am not sure what it is XD

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Have you already clicked onto the little arrow beside the “target layer” tab? → it will open the properties :wink:

Do you have a screenshot of your material setup? if you have a landscape blend in there it should appear here

i did but its empty :(, i am assuming i have to set this up in the landscape material first

Hmm, strange → just create the material - then assign it - check again. Which engine version do you use?

hi ,

i am using 4.5 and 4.7, i havent gotten around to testing this again as i was finishing of another project XD I will let you know when i get back to this

so sorry for the late reply!

i have not made it yet, i got busy finishing off another project >.<

sorry for the late reply didnt want to make you think i ignored you guys!

Hello. I have it same :frowning:

Having the same issue.

while creating the landscape, you have to make the new material for the landscape and then u assign it to the landscape which you are creating , and the hit the create button , remember , you have to make a new material and then assign it to the landscape ,and the click the create button.

it works for me, i hope it for u too.

I am having a related problem. What shows in my Target Layer panel is the dynamic material and not the three component materials of the dynamic (Rock, Dirts, Grass).
Note, that the snow layer is a paint layer I added to the BP to be able to paint manually (not a part of the dynamic material), and it shows up fine.


I was having this issue too and I figured out it’s because my landscape material didn’t actually get applied to the landscape when I created it even though I assigned a material at that time.

In the Modes tab click on the “Place” icon (Cube and light bulb) then select your landscape and make sure that your material is properly assigned in the Details window. Then your landscape should turn black and when you go into Landscape Mode (Mountain Icon) and then the Landscape Paint tab (Paint Brush & Mountain Icon) you’ll see your Layers show up and will be able to add your Layer info to them with the + icon.

If they still don’t show, go into your material and make sure that in your “Landscape Layer Blend” node the Blend Type is set to LB Alpha Blend and also make sure to name the Layer for the associated material:

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How do you find the Material Expression Landscape Layer Blend tab?

That’s inside your landscape material itself. You create a Landscape Layer Blend material node and when you click on it, this will be in the details pane.
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Go to the LandscapeLayerblend materical node, open the layers, in the layer name, put a name there MANUALLY, then your landscape paint layer will display correctly.

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The layers will not appear in landscape paint untill each layer is named in layer blend.

Dude its simple your landscape material is not assigned do it manually by going to details tab of your landscape search for landscape material click and search for your material created and select this will apply your mat and it would also appear on your layers tab hope this thing works for you.