Landscape Mountains - How does the terrain material work?

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I’m currently trying to understand the creation process of landscape materials in UE4, so I downloaded the “Landscape Mountains” example project. But unfortunately this example confuses me even more because I absolutely don’t understand the shader setup and hopefully someone here in the forums can clear things up :slight_smile:

So I don’t really have a clue how the layers are blended in this example project and IF there are even splatmaps used (I guess there must be at least one splatmap because of that typical “veign” appearance of the snow) but I couldn’t find any splatmap input in the material. So how does the blending work in this example project? Is there any way to do the same kind of blending in a simpler way?

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“The heightmap and layer masks in this scene were created using World Machine”

So, the veins are made in World Machine, and the vein information is store in Unreal Landscape LayerInfo.