Landscape matlayerblend and paint mode


I have a landscape material based on the angle of the landscape, it work very great.
I have 3 function to generate each layer, and I blend all with some slope param, using MatLayerBlend_Standard.

But I would like to add the paint mode to this material, using the 3 functions generating layer. I tried to break the attribute of the 3 fct, use Landscape Layer Blend and build a new one material attribute, and blend this one withe the previous working thing.

What I have tried don’t work I have 2 case :

  • If i put the Landscape Layer Blend “Attribute” in the Top Mat my entire landscape go black execpt where I have paint
  • If I put it on the Base Mat I get the automatic paint using slope

How can I have the 2 thing working together ?

PS : for the MatLayerBlend_Standard, for the Landscape Layer, and the slope Mat I use an Alpha of 1