Landscape Material

So, I started mucking about with the Kite Demo landscapes awhile ago, and I realised I could use them for my own projects, due to there being so many meshes, and the fact that they fit the theme so well. But i have a problem, I wanted to add dirt roads leading from village to village, cobbled streets in the towns, and dirty, rocky mines, with dirt roads leading back to the main town, the problem is; I can’t add new paintable layers to the landscape, without losing all my other layers, I’d like to know how I can add dirt roads, and all the things that I mentioned, whilst still keeping the original materials that were displayed in the Kite demo, on the landscape.

Hopefully you understand what I mean and can help me with this, as it has really stunted my project thus far.

Key word: Spline tool

That’s all fine and dandy if I wanted some clipping, I’d like it to be on the same mesh as my landscape material, so if possible. I’d like to just add a road texture and such to my landscape materials, without losing all the nice things the Kite demo landscape material adds.

Again, what I’m trying to do is add more materials to the kite demo landscape material, they have 6 already attached to it, I want a cobblestone texture attached to it.