Landscape material too bright

Do i have to change some properties to my landscape textures?
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I have some suggestion for you, but maybe it come from your mateiral, if you want to take a screenshot so I’ll be able to verify.

But before I’ll answer to your question=>

  1. From what I know, landscape have their own lightmap resolution, but nothing more. (not 100% sure)
  2. Normaly, landscape material is like all other kind of material for the main setting. It’s all about how you make the material itself.

my solution for your material =>

  1. Multiplie the texture with the same texture (it will make it a little bit more darker).
  2. Mutliplie the texture with a constant (0,0,0).
  3. Use lerp to blend between your texture and a constant, use alpha to make it more or less darker.
  4. Multiplie the texture with a constant than lerp with the texture and adjust the alpha like you want.

My solution for your texture =>

You can open the texture inside Unreal and change the brightness of the texture directly, this will affect every material that use your texture.

You will have a darker result. I think they are other way to make the texture more/less darker (in the Material), but nothing more in mind.

If you have the issue again tell me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi and sorry for the late reply, here are screenshots of my Landscape Material Graph:![1]:

[alt text][1]

No problem, here some doc about lerp and multiply=>

You can ignore the Vertex Color and put a constant value on the alpha to control how it blend

If you don’t understand lerp, here a great explanation =>

Your material is really simple (simple doesn’t mean bad), you can put a lot more thing to bring life. Material are very important, I think if you want to make good material you should see this => Intro to Materials: Overview | 01 | v4.0 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

It is a basic tutorial, but I think this will help you, also when someone talk about a «node» that you don’t know, try to get information in the doc or try to use it in the material (you can type what you search in the right pannel).

Have a good day :smiley: