Landscape Material scaled or simplified on mobile device (android)

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I have come across a lot of similar discussions but nothing that matched the situation identically. In preview and even mobile preview, my textures look just fine. When I launch to device with my Samsung Note 5, all custom UV textures look just fine but my blended landscape is entirely composed of blocks as though it is getting only a few pixels of information per segment. I’ve built the texture from scratch with the same result, so I’m thinking it is something in how I created my heightmap or some other setting or flag in my landscape. I’m a bit new and not very strong on the technical side, but any help would be appreciated.

On mobile preview or within the launcher, here’s how layered blend looks:

However, upon launch to device, this is the result:

I can post a project file later, and/or a screen shot of my material setup. I’m 90% positive that the material is identical to the tutorials and a lot of the advice I’ve got out there.

RE: Landscape Material scaled or simplified on mobile device (android)

Here is the image of my material setup. I’ve been back through the tutorials a couple of times and if there’s something I’m missing, it is beyond me. I realize there has been a lot of chatter about mobile landscape and I know it might feel like a bit of a dead horse at this point, but I would love a little feedback. Please let me know if there’s any more detail I can provide. My phone is top of the line and shows the following available texture formats: “ASTC, ETC2, ASTC, ETC1”. I feel like this may be a clue but, again, not quite savvy enough yet to know how or where to identify if that’s what’s holding this material back.

Mobile gles2.0 has problem with floating point precision at pixel shader. It’s always use 16bit. You need to use custom uv’s and calculate texture coordinate at vertex shader. Read this. Customized UVs in Unreal Engine Materials | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation

Woohoo! Definite progress. It will take me some time to work out the details but this was totally the solution, thanks for the support Kalle. :slight_smile:

While packaging for es2.0 android device, output log shows error in landscape material compilation. What to do?

You can see the log file where it says “Cannot access field LayerWeights of structure”. How to resolve even when mobile texture samplers show only 5 ??