Landscape material reset problem

Hi Unreal community

Having serious issues and hoping someone can shed a light on this matter.
Landscape material textures and parameters keep reseting every time i exit the editor.

What is happening is I set my landscape, paint it with many textures, and then when I SAVE ALL, exit the engine, then enter back again, textures in landscape material instance reset to default, values also. Needless to say landscape doesnt look the same.
I tried it with baking light, I tried with the simplest landscape material. Always the same. Material instance keeps reseting to default.

Hoping someone has info about this

same problem

Epic says this will be fixed in 4.20. Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-57086)
I’m not sure how “not being able to have a landscape material” is considered low priority. But they said 4.20 and that’s it (if not get postponed).

its currently september 2021 and Im still having this issue

When you preview with Unlit is there any change? That would at least rule out light baking issues.

Are multiple landscapes in multiple maps pointing to the same output data?

If you fill the entire landscape with a single layer and then restart, does it still reset? My initial obstacles with landscapes often bump into the texture sampler limits and things like that.

Try exporting your painted layers as texture splatmaps (right click the layer in the landscape panel and Export to File) as a fail safe to preserve your data. View them and make sure everything is recording correctly there. Try to import those splatmaps again on restart to see if that whole process works. If all else fails, that might serve as a backup plan to keep working until a permanent solution is found.

As to why Epic might not have addressed it, it’s partly because we’re all making out landscape materials from scratch for our own purposes. Coming from Unity that’s a new consideration. There’s no singular material for them to fix. Could you share your landscape material’s structure so someone more into the topic could double check that?

I think i may be having a similar issue in 4.27.2
I have a level in my project that consists of a persistent and sublevel. Each has their own landscape, obviously.
When I open ‘landscape edit’ mode, the whole ground in persistent level shifts hundreds of units up on the zed axis and resets its heightmap back to default. All of the assets on the ground get left behind floating in the air while the ground floats way up in the air…

it only happens in the level using streaming volumes and sublevels.

the other separate levels in my project are unaffected.

i tried a clean install of the engine and it did not help…